The following are genuine comments from families whose loved ones have stayed at Alvony House:

“Watching my mother becoming frail and vulnerable was so worrying – her moving to Alvony House has been a huge help to her and the family. Alvony House provides her with safe, warm, very comfortable environment, but more importantly, all the staff are well trained and are genuinely kind and caring towards her. Roni and the staff have always been very approachable and supportive and make every effort to help Mum live life to the full.”

- Sue Harris

Alvony House in the snow
My mum and dad have been at Alvony for the past three years. My mum has various health issues, including Alzheimers, which are dealt with with great care and patience.

My dad until recently has been in good health and has been allowed to enjoy his independence as much as he wants thanks to Alvony House’s great location near shops, parks,etc. They even provided him with hanging baskets so he could continue with his love of gardening.

It is this individual attention that makes this an exceptional care home. Unfortunately my dad has been very ill recently but the care he has received has been excellent, not only for him but the time taken to reassure my mum.

When things seemed particularly bad and I felt unable to cope they even took care of me. Therefore Alvony house is not so much a care home but like an extended family and I am grateful to Vonnie and every member of her team for making my mum and dad’s final years as comfortable and as happy as possible.

- Malan