Once developed the Care Plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the resident is responding in a satisfactory manner. Adverse reaction to the Care Plan by the resident will result in an immediate review of the Care Plan by the named Carer, Manager, Senior Carer and other members of care staff as necessary.

Family and relatives will be encouraged to participate in the resident’s daily routine as far as is practicable, and are invited to monthly formal reviews. Residents and their Relatives are always welcome to chat with a member of the Care Staff if they have any concerns.

The Care Plan is reviewed at three levels:

Daily on a shift-to-shift basis. At staff shift changeover the resident’s daily care notes are handed by the out-going shift to staff on the in-coming shift and the resident’s responses and activity patterns discussed as needed. Changes to the Care Plan may be proposed at this point.

At the end of the four week settling-in period.

Thereafter a formal review is held with Care Staff on a monthly basis.

All amendments to the care plan will require the authorization of the Home Manager. 
Certain amendments may require the authorization of the resident’s GP.
All amendments to the Care Plan are recorded in full.