Clients interested in coming to Alvony House R.C.H. are encouraged to visit the home and sample the atmosphere and level of service. Often day-care is arranged on a regular weekly basis while waiting for a vacancy. This gives the client time to get to know the staff and adjust to new people and surroundings.

A month’s trial period is always given before taking permanent residency.

Emergency Admissions

Emergency admissions will be accepted within 48hrs with key aspects of the home being pointed out ie: the rules and routines of the home, however after five days the manager will give the client a copy of the terms and conditions of the home and endeavour to do a needs assessment which will go on to form a Care Plan.  



Alvony House works along side North Somerset Council in offering clients enablement places in the care home up to a six week period. The home and staff acknowledge that clients want to remain in their own homes but need a period of time in a care setting to help them rehabilitate and gain some skills that have become strained since a short stay in hospital.  We strive to enable clients to return home in a safe environment where they feel that they have experienced support from a visiting care team if necessary.